What we offer
  • Production

    The tannery has an installed capacity for the manufacture of wetblue hides and skins up to 3.0 million sq.ft. per annum and for the purpose of semi finished and finished leathers to the extent of 1 million sq.ft. per annum. The organisation is more active in the manufacture of Buffalo Hides & Cow Hides and enjoy a good reputation with all its customers.

  • Export

    The tannery produce are basically exported in wetlue to its customers in Europe and Far East and the crust and finished leathers are being exported to their customers across the border in India and Far-East. At present, the company is exporting about 80% of their produce and the remaining is sold for the local manufacturers of shoes within Nepal.

  • Overseas Trade

    United Tanneries have established strong connections with its customers all over the world with the strength of timely supplies and right quality of the merchandise. The customers of Wet Blue are spread from Italy, Portugal, Turkey, UK, China, Hongkong, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam.

Our Happy Customers